Craftwork Travel is born in this 1990 flat. Entirely revisited by our designer Elodie Ricord, she reveals its story. « A close relationship between human and matter, which draws the inspiration through its history and guides the human being in the ability to dress the interior of the most beautiful structures. » Elodie Ricord puts herself in this tradition honoring three decorative elements of excellence which makes us travel through time: « Zellige, Marble and Brass ». The Zellige from the Islam art decorates today the facades of the most beautiful religious interiors. The white Carrara Marble, symbol of purity and of unrivaled whiteness, from the knowledge and tradition of Antique Rome, venerated since -50 before Christ. The Brass, used for ornamental accessories, gives to the project details and subtlety. « We wished to combine simplicity, visual purity, adding a warm touch and tradition with the Zellige. Offering oneself an ancestral and unique interior, where each room is crafted thoroughly. A graphical palette with subtle details: Carrara Marble, overlay wood flooring, Zellige in herringbone pattern, « black galaxy » granite enhanced with gold hints. Discovering two sacred mosaic pieces of art, with a sense of contemporary geometry, created by our designer. These pieces invite oneself to dream and escape. A travel through centuries, time and history. »
Photos: © Elodie Ricord / Area of intervention: Interior architecture & Design / Partners: Bo Concept - France / Mosaic Del sur / Villeroy & Boch / Grohe / Farrow & Ball / Little Greene / English Translation: Tilia Weevers