Collection Artis Intimae
Dimension of the table: H 32 x L 100 x D 85 / Material: Fiber concrete self-supporting structure - Pure white Carrara marble / Various precious stone available / French Manufacture
Artis Intimae soothes the spirit of our industrial society, where human values tend to disappear. The development of manufacturing process transforms tomorrow's furniture. The ancestral art and crafting become minimal, making room for mass creation. Since years, the development of cities and urban areas encourages mechanical engineering and massive use of concrete due to minimal costs and increased gain of time. The human being evolves in more and more narrow spaces, information’s multiply, flux develop itself. This evolution tends to withdraw us within ourselves, forgetting the return to nature. « Looking up towards the sky and observing the light ». From the Latin word "Artis", art crafting, and "Intimae", with a deep inside feeling, Elodie Ricord made this minimal design furniture. It is a story of an inner search where relaxation, meditation, rest and hindsight invite us to escape from all forms of aggression and visual dependency of this new world. « We wanted to imagine our own insight, to keep our human values intact. « Artis Intimae » invites this aesthetic and therapeutic design to accompany art, sculpture, simplicity and delicacy. »
Picture: © Elodie Ricord / Area of intervention: Design & Production / English Translation: Tilia Weevers